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NURSARY MATEŘINKA, Vrchlického sad 

DS Mateřinka - healthy nursery with the Montessori program for children from 18 months to 3 years old

ground floor, Vrchlického sad 4, Brno - czech environment

                                   Help me to help myself

Meaningful education with love and understanding. The joy of discovery.

Mateřinka is an inspiring and loving environmentwhere children are happy and being prepared for their future life.

 Children are being educated by patient and experienced children' s guides, who do their work with enthusiasm.

We are the first Healthy kindergarten  and nursery with montessori program by certified by the Ministry of Education, The National Institute of Public Health and the project Healthy school.

Education in our nursery (children' s groups) meets the requirements of childcare and education according to the children' s groups law. At the same time our program is inspired by the Czech national curriculum for pre-schools. Children have the opportunity to continue their education in our kindergarten with a follow-up program.

Our goal is to offer the children an inspiring and prepared environment that will help them to fully develop their potential.

The education of the children in our classes is based on our kindergarten program. Our program is inspired by the Czech national curriculum for pre-schools.

Above all we use Montessori pedagogy principles. At the same time we are inspired by by the following projects: Forest kindergarten, principles of Montessori pedagogy, which support the philosophy of our kindergarten. It also draws on the Forest Nursery Project, Experiential Pedagogy, Project Based Learning, Respect and Be Respected and Health Promoting School. Teachers educate the children in the Czech language with the addition of phrases and communication from everyday life in English. We communicate with children who speak another language in English or, if possible, in their native language.

NURSARY - Vrchlického sad 4, Brno

Children can attend the nursary for the whole week or only on selected days, to the half-day program 8:00 - 12:30, after a smooth attendance in the morning it is possible to extend to the full-day program 8:00 - 16:00.

The environment and education of our nursery is suitable for children as young as 1,5 years old, who need a different approach than children from 3 years old. With such an age-mixed group, we are replicating a realistic model of society. Children learn to communicate and cooperate not only with their peers, but also with younger and older children.

We focus on the acquisition of hygiene habits, taking care of oneself and one's surroundings, basic table manners, weaning from nappies, independence, basic etiquette (greeting, thanking, etc.) and we support the overall development of the child's personality, especially gross and fine motor skills, speech and offer plenty of stimuli to promote all-round development.

Daily capacity: 8 children, always 2 guides, + a third guide, a nanny, is added as needed,

    5 sections of education by Montessori 
  • Practical life
  • Sensorial
  • Mathematics
  • Language
  • Cultural Studies


    • THE CHILD IS THE CREATOR OF HIMSELF - every child is curious and loves to learn and discover the world. It is capable of instinctively selecting stimuli from its immediate environment that will support its development. The educator's role is to prepare the environment for the child so that, within the limits of his/her abilities and capacities, he/she can discover the world on his/her own. To give him the time and space to develop intuitively on his own.
    • HELP ME TO DO IT ON MY OWN - the aim is to do everything possible to enable the child to acquire new knowledge and skills in his own strength and at his own pace. This does not mean, however, removing obstacles from his path or manipulating his development. But to prepare a safe and stimulating environment that will support his natural development.
    • THE HAND IS A TOOL OF THE SPIRIT - emphasizing the involvement of as many senses as possible in activities. Both the physical and mental areas should always be involved in activities. Our teachers strive and emphasize holistic learning. So that the children try everything practically and learn through their own experience.
    • RESPECTING THE CHILD'S SENSITIVE PERIODS - these are periods of natural development when the child is ready to acquire certain knowledge and skills.
    • FREE CHOICE OF WORK - children decide when and with what tools they will work. This freedom, however, has set limits that show the child a safe way to explore the world. The education and care plan consists of monthly themes divided into weekly blocks, which build on each other in a harmonious and logical way and support the all-round development of the children. At the beginning of the month, parents receive a clear plan of our nursery by email, which informs them about the topic of the curriculum and the learning objectives, activities and events planned for the children.


    The inclusion of the "Virtues Project" in our educational programme has led us to bring children closer to the world around us, but especially to the world inside each of us. The Virtues Project was founded in 1991 in the USA by psychotherapist Linda Kaveli-Popov, her husband, child clinical psychologist Dan Popov, Ph.D., and her brother John Kavelin, with the intention of neutralizing the growing violence among young people and families. The Virtues Project offers empowering strategies that inspire the search for and practice of virtues in everyday life.

    We firmly believe that it is good to not only talk about values and virtues with children at an early age, but also to practice them in practical life. We want to encourage children to develop proper moral values and an understanding of themselves first and foremost through the situations that happen around us every day and with which we oppress those around us.

    • COURAGE - happiness to the brave
    • ENTHUSIASM - I'm ready to go, half done
    • PERSONALITY - I am who I am
    • PERSISTENCE - success is perseverance
    • JUSTICE - don't judge, you don't know the whole story
    • TRUST - I trust you
    • HUMANITY - a kind and open heart
    • COOPERATION - I'll give you a hand my friend
    • SELF-love - I love myself
    • SEBEKING - show me the best way to do it
    • DETERMINATION - give it a try
    • CURIOSITY - ask and explore, you will learn a lot
    • UNIQUENESS - everyone is an original
    • WORKING - put your hand to work
    • HONESTY - where your path leads
    • SUPPORT - I'm close to you
    • HAPPINESS - your joy is my reward
    • COMPASSION - what unites us
    • SELF-CONFIDENCE - I believe in myself
    • SELF-sufficiency - we can do it alone


    - SCHOOL YEAR September 2024/June 2025


    New children are accepted in case of vacancy. We will accept the most suitable applicant from the waiting list of substitutes (applications sent by parents who have shown active interest in the place) for the vacant place. Once you have sent your application with the interest in the waiting list box ticked, we will contact you shortly to confirm that your application has been accepted for the waiting list. Thereafter, if a place becomes available and you are selected as the most suitable candidate, we will contact you by telephone to discuss further details.


    From 1.12.2024 is open the collection of applications for new applicants for the school year September 2025 / June 2026 and holidays July + August 2025.

    Interested applicants who have sent in a proper application during autumn 2023 will be contacted by phone to arrange a visit. Individual tours will then take place from April 2024.


    • collection of applications from 1.12. to 30.4. of the current school year
    • tours will run from April to May of the school year. According to the date of sending the application form, we will invite you to a personal meeting with a tour of the nursery at Vrchlický set from March of the current school year at the earliest. These take place in the morning and are attended by parents and their child.
    • Selection procedure - 4.5 - 14.5 of the school year
    • In the middle of May of the current school year, we will send you an e-mail about the results of the admission procedure
    • In case of acceptance, a reservation fee of 2.000,- must be paid in order for the reservation of a place to be valid. You will receive the payment information in your email along with the notification of admission. The booking fee will be deducted from your adaptation scheme or school fees. If the reservation fee is not paid on time, the place will be automatically transferred to the next applicant. In case of timely cancellation of the reservation (please send a cancellation request to our email: info@materinka-brno.cz) for the current school year September/June until 30 June, and the holidays July + August until 31 May, the reservation fee will be refunded. In case of late cancellation the booking fee will be forfeited.
      Criteria for the admission of a child:
  • minimum age at the date of entry 1.5 years
  • the child manages a short separation from parents
  • proper vaccinations
  • we accept children in nappies
  • a personal appointment with a visit to the nursery
  • interest in Montessori pedagogy and the Respectful Approach, in harmony with the philosophy of the Kindergarten
  • preference is given to a child whose sibling attends or has attended the Nursery
  • Please fill in all the necessary information and we will contact you. We will arrange a time to visit the nursery.                    
  •                                       Registration is a non-binding reservation of a place.